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Local and national clients alike rely on the keen understanding provided by Siebman Forrest when it comes to local legal customs, court procedures and judicial personnel.

Siebman Forrest represents local businesses and individuals, as well as companies headquartered outside of Texas. If your organization is based outside the state or internationally and you have a legal matter in Eastern or Northern Texas, then a local Texas law firm can provide significant practical insights.

Our experienced attorneys have worked in the Northern and Eastern regions of Texas for decades. Our commitment to knowing the community and building strong ties is a vital part of our culture and mission. Our lawyers fundamentally understand the region and the people who live here.

One of the most important services we offer is ongoing familiarity with the local rules of procedure and cultural expectations in every town, city and county in the region and throughout the state.

Firm attorneys Clyde Siebman and Michael Smith both have served on the Local Rules Advisory Committee for the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas.

Mr. Siebman and Mr. Smith both have represented Northeast Texas as members of the Board of Directors for the State Bar of Texas. Mr. Siebman founded the Eastern District of Texas Bar Association in 1996 and served as its first president. Mr. Smith also has served as president of the Eastern District Bar.

Firm partner Elizabeth Forrest is a founding member of the Women Lawyers of the Eastern District Bar Association (WLED). Ms. Forrest was selected by the judges of the Eastern District to lead the committee that formed the WLED. Together, our lawyers have built a storehouse of insight and credibility that we are proud to put to work for our clients.

A Reputation for Effectiveness and Trustworthiness in the Local and Regional Legal Community of Texas

The “Local, Local Rules” Advantage

Siebman Forrest attorneys have forged their extensive local connections with dedication, time and effort. We pride ourselves on our knowledge of the “local, local rules.”

The “local, local rules” cannot be taught in law school or in a seminar. These are the customs and practices of individual local courts that are inherent, historical and always evolving. They can be learned only through longevity and experience practicing before local judges and juries.

Knowledge of “local, local rules,” extensive local courtroom experience, and attention to local customs often ease the course of litigation. By actively cultivating and incorporating this knowledge into their practice and conduct, our lawyers have developed a reputation for effectiveness and trustworthiness in jurisdictions throughout Texas.

Deep Rooted Commitment to the Community

Our partners are descendants of Texas pioneer families, some representing six generations of Texana. We regularly serve on local, regional and state government councils, boards and commissions. These relationships within the communities we serve establish trust and demonstrate our attorneys’ personal understanding of the area and our strong roots throughout the region.

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