Over 35 Years of Intellectual Property Litigation Experience in Texas

Dedicated to providing legal counsel from a truly Texas perspective

When faced with an intellectual property issue in Texas, hire a team of experienced Texas attorneys to represent your interests. Siebman Forrest can help whether the issue involves prosecuting or defending against allegations of patent or copyright infringement, unfair use of intellectual property, or another dispute.

Siebman Forrest’s lawyers can serve either as lead trial counsel or as Texas co-counsel whether representing the intellectual property owner or the party accused of infringement. With offices in Sherman, Plano, Marshall and Lufkin, Siebman Forrest is dedicated to providing legal counsel from a truly Texas perspective.

Contact Siebman Forrest to discuss your situation with a Texas attorney — one who not only understands intellectual property law, but who also is familiar with the local legal rules, customs and procedures for intellectual property litigation in Texas courts. An understanding of the “local, local rules,” gleaned from over two decades of IP litigation experience in Texas, empowers our attorneys to provide the most cutting-edge advice for clients.

At Siebman Forrest, our attorneys use a team approach to complex, high-stakes intellectual property litigation

Our litigation practice includes representing clients in IP issues such as:

Experienced Intellectual Property Trial Lawyers

Whether you need a Texas co-counsel who can contribute materially to your litigation team or a lead trial attorney who is able to handle the case entirely, Siebman Forrest has the capability to handle even the most complex intellectual property litigation.

Senior partner Clyde Siebman and partner Michael Smith each have been involved in more than 400 cases before the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas, most of them involving business and intellectual property issues. Countless businesses have relied on Siebman Forrest to protect their interests in intellectual property litigation and other high-stakes cases across Texas.

Attorneys from Siebman Forrest have been representing the intellectual property interests of clients in Texas for more than 35 years. Contact Siebman Forrest at any of our four regional offices to put that experience and talent to work in your dispute.