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Trade Secret Misappropriation and Non-Disclosure Agreement Litigation

Trade Secret Litigation

Businesses implement significant safeguards to protect their trade secrets from falling into the hands of competitors; however, protecting this valuable information can lead to complex litigation when allegations of misuse arise. Siebman Law can represent your interests in trade secret litigation throughout Texas from our offices in Sherman, Dallas, and Plano.

Trade Secrets and Texas Law

Unlike most states, Texas did not adopt the Uniform Trade Secrets Act until 2013. Texas developed its own culture relating to trade secrets. The enactment of the Texas Theft Liability Act and the Federal Defend Trade Secrets Act put powerful tools in the hands of victims of trade secret misappropriation; however, Texas’ rich jurisprudential culture predating these enactments is best taken into account whenever litigating trade secret and employee non-competition cases in Texas. Our attorneys understand the nuances of litigating trade secret claims here and recognize the wide variety of ways courts handle the pretrial development of these cases. For decades, Siebman Law attorneys have worked with individuals and businesses to prosecute and defend trade secret misappropriation claims.

Whether a trade secret was infringed depends on many factors, such as whether there was a valid non-competition or confidentiality agreement and what actions a party took to protect the information from disclosure. The Texas trade secret attorneys at Siebman Law have represented businesses and individuals in trade secret litigation both in the pursuit of claims for relief and defending against claims brought against them.

Experienced Trial Representation

Our firm will work with your business, either as your lead trial counsel or as Texas co-counsel, to develop and implement a strategy to protect your interests regarding claims of trade secret misappropriation. Our attorneys are ready, willing, and able to bring a Texas perspective, proven courtroom ability, and a tenacious spirit to the fight on behalf of clients.