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Siebman Legal Services, LLP is pleased to offer complete litigation accommodations directly across the street from the Paul Brown United States Courthouse in Sherman, Texas. The Court Annex is a short walk to the south. There is no more convenient location for litigation in these courts. The building itself, built in 1880, is a fortress-like structure with walls approximately two feet thick.  Built from native brick quarried in Grayson County, it is a quiet and secure place to base trial preparations.

The quiet upstairs space offers substantial seating and desk areas. There is conference space with ample room for strategy meetings, witness interviews and document preparation.  The trial team can coordinate with its technology team to prepare demonstrations and presentations.

Trial teams that book the litigation suites eliminate the need to rent hotel conference rooms by the hour or day. Hotel conference space is minimal and lacks privacy. The local hotels typically are a twenty minute drive from the courthouse, depending upon traffic. To quantify the advantage of the location of the litigation suites compared to local alternatives, simply multiplying the hourly rates of the members of a trial team by the hours wasted each day during a lunch break that could have been used to enhance preparation demonstrates that the savings during a break can pay for the rental of the facility. For example, a team of five attorneys billing $500 per hour wastes $2,500 of otherwise productive time looking for meals or relocating to or from a hotel. The convenience of our location is absolutely invaluable if one considers the limited amount of time for lunch during a day of trial. Rather than to drive to a restaurant location and fight for parking the trial team can walk across the street and sit down and immediately enjoy a set lunch to discuss the afternoon strategy.

We offer rooms that can be used for everything from conferences to depositions, from trial preparation to mock trial, and from mediation to arbitration. They are also suitable for other uses such as board meetings and weddings. The litigation suites include wi-fi, copiers, video screens and similar amenities.

There is no doubt that preparation is the key to success in court. It must begin long before trial and it must continue throughout the process as each day unfolds and brings new challenges. Efficient use of time and minimal distractions make preparation go smoothly. The proximity of the courthouse at the front of the building and the private parking at the rear of the building offer substantial convenience, making it the perfect location to use as a war room. The building offers privacy and an undistracted work environment.

For the most convenient and least stressful trial preparation, the suites include a centrally located kitchen. The kitchen offers a stove, oven, microwave, refrigerator/freezer, coffee maker, and dishwasher. Local restaurants provide a wide variety of food that can brought in for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The full litigation suite space can be available day or night to allow for the utmost in flexibility.

Tremendously significant legal events have been decided in the Sherman courthouse of the Eastern District of Texas. We believe that the court will continue to play an important role for years to come as new matters are brought into the Sherman venue for trial. Siebman Legal Services litigation facility is the best place to base trial operations and preparations.