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Siebman Forrest Doesn’t Shy Away from Family Law Cases

Siebman Forrest is nationally recognized for its work representing Fortune 500 companies in high stakes civil litigation in Texas. We also stand ready to marshal those same skills when the high stakes involve a client’s children, grandchildren and the means necessary to secure their financial future. The lawyers of Siebman Forrest understand that collaboration and amicable negotiation is sometimes not enough to resolve hotly contested family law matters.

Division of High Value Community Property Estates and Custody of Children

Family law disputes are often more emotionally charged than those involving strangers, especially when child custody and/or the division of high-value community property estates are involved. When a successful closely held business is caught up in a divorce, the issues can be especially contentious and just as complex as in any commercial case. Siebman Forrest attorneys have the necessary knowledge of business organizations, corporate finance, real estate and accounting to understand the nuances relevant to the valuation and transfer of a closely held business. These are the skills we use for our corporate clients every day and they can make a difference for you if custody or high value assets are involved in your dispute.

No Fear of the Courtroom

The lawyers of Siebman Forrest are first and foremost trial lawyers — unafraid and at home in the courtroom. Sometimes, this fact alone helps our clients amicably resolve a family matter. When your spouse’s attorney knows that the courtroom is our preferred arena for settling disputes, then they are often more motivated to reach agreements without a contested hearing. The lawyers of Siebman Forrest stand ready to provide intelligent, strategic and professional advice about your family concerns, including:

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