Proven Texas Patent Infringement Attorneys

A Proven History of Advocating Patent Rights in Texas

No newcomer to IP litigation, Siebman Law is committed to providing aggressive representation to clients in patent litigation in Texas. For more than three decades, our attorneys have defended and prosecuted intellectual property litigation matters for clients in the United States District Courts of Texas. From our offices in Sherman, Dallas, and Plano, we are capable of serving as lead trial counsel or as your local Texas co-counsel to handle your complex litigation matters across the Lone Star State.

Complex Patent Litigation Concerns in the Patent Heavy Eastern and Western Districts of Texas

Patent litigation cases are complex civil matters that require the skill and experience of a seasoned trial attorney who is knowledgeable about the nuances of these specialized cases. Siebman Law attorneys have amassed extensive patent trial experience by regularly appearing in Texas courts in patent cases for decades.

From local companies, major multinational corporations, and individual inventors, Siebman Law can provide the necessary insight into the local court system and the patent litigation practices of Texas courts to protect clients’ interests zealously.

Our Local Focus. The Local Advantage

We focus on providing quality legal representation while keeping clients’ legal and business objectives in sharp focus. Litigation is an expensive proposition. That is why any sound litigation strategy should always define the client’s objectives and consider the most efficient and expedient alternatives available to accomplish these objectives.  REPRESENTATIVE CLIENTS

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