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Litigating Trademark and Trade Dress Issues in Texas

The value of owning the rights to a trademark or protectable trade dress in today’s competitive business environment cannot be overestimated. Both the protection of that mark and your right to use it with your own marketing strategy are important business assets. If you are involved in commercial endeavors, then you know how valuable your trademarks, trade dress and the Lanham Act rights are to your business and how the outcome of litigation may either protect or disrupt them. You also know that marks can sometimes be used by your competitors to disrupt or interfere with your business.

SiebmanvForrest provides extensive experience representing clients in both initiating trademark and trade dress infringement litigation and defending against allegations of infringement. We offer a Texas perspective and an experienced, professional approach to litigating the interests of clients throughout the Eastern and Northern Districts of Texas. From offices in Sherman, Dallas, Plano, Tyler and Marshall, we are capable of protecting the rights of businesses involved in intellectual property lawsuits regardless of the Eastern District division in which the case is docketed.

Protecting Marks and Ensuring Fair Competition

The Lanham Act is the source of most litigation involving trademark and trade dress issues. This federal statute is designed to provide a remedy against unfair competition and to protect against the misuse of marks.

Trademark and trade dress prosecution: The key to protecting a trademark or trade dress often involves the ability to file infringement claims against illegal users. The act of prosecuting a claim indicates to others that your business has not abandoned the mark and will fight to protect its use. Senior Attorney Clyde Siebman has represented clients in trade dress cases since 1988 and he served as lead counsel in the often cited case Blue Bell Bio-Medical v. CinBad, Inc., 864 F.2d 1253, 1256 (5th Cir. 1989).

Trademark and trade dress defense: When accused of violating another party’s trademark or trade dress, the key is to hire an attorney who is skilled in the intricacies of the Lanham Act and applicable Texas trademark laws, and who knows the difference between the two. Failure to retain competent Texas counsel can impact your ability to protect your trademark rights or defend yourself against frivolous allegations of infringement.

Our attorneys can serve as your company’s lead trial counsel or as Texas co-counsel to support an existing team. Our firm is well-versed in the legal system in the Eastern and Northern Districts of Texas and we are committed to putting forward an aggressive and sophisticated legal strategy to protect client interests.

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